5 Fail-Safe Christian Dating Tips

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Proven Christian Dating Tips

Dating in the highly modernized and technologically sophisticated 21st-century world is quite easy and a little intricate as well. While the scenario may not feature any major pitfalls for the secular-minded folks, Christian dating is somewhat fiddly for genuine believers in the present age. As such, highlighted below are a few fail-safe relationship ideas for staunch believers who care more about their eternal relationship with their Creator than with opposite-sex partners here on earth. Continue reading to discover some top 5 Christian dating tips to help you cement strong opposite-gender connections in this life without compromising your invaluable relationship with Christ.

1. Don’t Date a Non-Believer

It’s very easy to have your sober Christian judgment overwhelmed by earthly passions as you search for a partner. While this is a purely understandable natural phenomenon, it’s up to you to defend your faith by letting the Scriptures guide you throughout the dating process. In all tempting situations, take 2 Cor. 6:14 seriously. Don’t be unequally yoked together with unbelievers!

You should never give in to the unwise argument that you can have some intimate engagement with an unbeliever since you can easily convert them into believers. Remember that evil is more powerful than you might casually imagine. Contrary to this baseless myth, the truth is that it is incredibly easy for a heathen to negatively influence a believer’s godly views. The bare fact is that you won’t change a non-believer – you can only risk having them erode your priceless Christian tenets.

2. Pray Without Ceasing

Once a Christian stops praying, God ceases being their guide. As such, Christian dating should be undertaken by individuals who pray without ceasing – James 5:16. “Ceaseless” prayer is powerful and it “availeth much”. This kind of mountain-moving communion with the omnipotent source of divine power is not to be confused with “on-and-off” prayers that, as some experienced soldiers of Christ convincingly argue, are “worse than none at all.” If you aren’t prayerful, you’re definitely going to make countless mistakes right from the start of the whole dating venture.

3. Obey God Unconditionally 

Even when the stakes are ever so high, never accept to go against biblical principles. If your partner continually tempts you to act against what the Scriptures say, just get out of the relationship once. Given the undeniable fact that the pressure and the stakes will no doubt be overpowering, the only saving grace is to seek to obey God alone – you can’t obey bodily urges and God at the same time! Let James 5:12 inspire you to do the right thing in all sinfully persuasive circumstances.

4. Carefully Evaluate Your Partner’s Commitment

True love doesn’t seek mere fleeting gratification. Because it is pretty possible for a person to pretend to be a believer just to win over a potential partner, you ought to meticulously weigh your lover’s levels of commitment as soon as you start dating them. You can even set a few tests for your partner just to evaluate how they treat you, their faith in Jesus, and their keenness to fulfill God’s unchangeable will. These subtle tests are especially prudent during the initial stages as they’ll help you determine whether your lover is worth the gamble before you give them your trust. Note that it may not be easy to discontinue the relationship once the bond has been established.

5. Set Healthy Boundaries

Without strict boundaries, it’s extremely easy for Satan to hijack an otherwise well-meant liaison and use it to orchestrate your ultimate fall. Since the two of you are genuinely keen on obeying God rather the flesh, you should establish mutual limits to govern your interactions. For instance, you may agree that you will not meet in secluded places for the first few phases of the dating process. However, some of these rules may be abolished with time as the levels of mutual commitment increase.